Company Website

It is ExecuSurv’s policy to collect only that personal information (such as name, e-mail, telephone number) which is volunteered by visitors of our website. Our web server does not automatically collect any of this information.

The information we collect is used to respond to visitor inquiries. It is also used to keep visitors informed about new services, special promotions, and other noteworthy news that we feel our visitors will find valuable. However, should you wish not to receive these periodic updates from us, we will gladly respect your wishes. You can remove yourself from our mailing list by sending an email to with “unsubscribe” in the subject line.

We will not sell nor rent any information about our customers to any outside companies under any circumstance.

Survey Data

The survey data captured by ExecuSurv’s online survey solutions is stored on databases belonging to and managed by ExecuSurv, Inc. As a matter of policy, our clientele own their data, and ExecuSurv does not cross-share any data among its clientele.

Survey Instruments

All customized surveys that are developed and deployed specifically for a client are proprietary to that client and will not be re-used for another client (unless otherwise agreed to).

Respondent Confidentiality

Anonymity is the cornerstone of ExecuSurv’s approach to surveying. Our online survey technology is designed to safeguard the identity of the respondents in order to encourage complete and honest responses. In most instances, the identity of the respondent cannot be ascertained. The only exception to this is in particularly small survey populations.

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